About Us

Internet 101 is all about the news. A publication created by a small group of Internet savvy writers that realized they were waiting through a ton of irrelevant news every day to find what mattered. Although Internet 101.com is fairly new the group behind it goes back to 2004 when a previous blog was launched. This page curated the news as well as other articles of interest to the group and promoted it as best they could prior to the social media revolution. Our editors look for fresh stories that are accurate, clear, and useful to our readers. They do not seek out ideologies that match their own or promote any particular agenda other than information that is easy to find and enjoyable to read.

Internet 101 focuses on Internet and technology news but occasionally strays into the areas of entertainment, business, politics, sports, and even lifestyle as technology tends to move in and out of almost every aspect of life in America.

Although we do occasionally have guest authors all material is reviewed edited and submitted by the Internet 101 group. This means that, as many of our readers have, you can expect a higher level of excellence then is seen in even mainstream media websites. And since we aren't catering to a particular group of advertisers or political ideals is safe to assume that we are reporting the truth for the true sake and no other. We adhere to a strict code of jounalistic ethics. Read more about them here.

Please visit our contact us page if you have any questions about us we're happy to speak with our readers. If you think you have an article that we would be interested in click on employment opportunities. Even if we don't have a job currently available we're always interested in the news.