Anonymous Goes After Islam Extremists

The hackers known as Anonymous have declared war against Islam extremists as a result of the terror attack on Paris satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. Last Wednesday Anonymous announced it has begun operation to bring down the group that caused the death of 11 journalists in Iraq attack.

The group has already begun hacking Islam extremist websites and on Saturday the French media reported several of hottest sites have already been either taken down, rewritten, or destroyed. Anonymous has vowed to fight for the right to express any opinion anyway over the Internet. The group has also issued an express warning to those that stand in the way of the freedom of expression. They claim that any group doing this should expect a massive attack from the hackers, as they will struggle to defend freedom as is the foundation of their movement.

The group is now being credited with a YouTube video that specifically declares war against terrorists and terrorism.

Anonymous declares the right to express one's opinion is sacrosanct and that although many extreme organizations may wish to inhibit freedom of expression Anonymous will do what is necessary to defend. The group goes on to compare the Islamic faith with mysticism and sorcery that is outdated and irrelevant in today's society. Anonymous has also released that Islam can expect a massive reaction from because their entire purpose for existing is to attack freedom of expression and that Islamic extremism is directly oppose their existence.