Privacy Policy

Internet 101 news was created to cover content such as Internet technology and how it directly affects global affairs, health, science, and politics. We do not collect information from our site readers or visitors.

Internet 101's first concern is the protection of our reader’s personal information. We do not collect e-mail lists or zip codes, and should we do so in the future for any special initiatives that information would not be used for any reason other than that which it was specifically collected for. E-mail addresses will never be sold or provided to a third party for any reason. Internet 101 does not collect information sent to it by readers via e-mail. Once the initial communication is resolved all contact information and details concerning any conversations are permanently deleted.

Internet 101 does not utilize technology to feed advertising such as Google AdSense, Taboola, click stream, or any other script or technology that uses cookies to collect user information. Any advertisements seen on Internet 101 will be static and coded into a page in such a way that it will be visible and clickable without Internet 101 collecting any information. This does not mean that third parties that a reader visits will not collect information. This only means that information about the readers will not be collected while they are on Internet

Internet 101 always endeavors to adhere to the generally accepted standards for acceptable content and to protect against any unauthorized access to data this includes the under. This includes the destruction or disclosure of any information managed by Internet Any data stored on our servers is treated as confidential was not made available to the public or any third party.

Any contributors that offer guest posts to Internet 101 will be edited and Internet 101 will not publish content that is harmful or abusive, contains adult content, contains copyrighted material, endorses or promotes the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco related content.